LASH Communications Group conceives, develops and delivers integrated digital, public relations and marketing services to meet your mandate through traditional and online channels.

Our work spans business2business and business2consumer strategies in diverse sectors, including healthcare, human resources, professional services, manufacturing, technology and education. Projects with triple-bottom-line impact hold particular appeal.

What makes LASH different?

LASH is led by an accredited, award-winning communicator with a right-left brain balance and a record for effectively integrating proven strategies with new approaches to deliver quality results.

Specifically, LASH brings…..

  • A capacity to demystify complex concepts and uncover the most compelling angles
  • Visual thinking with fresh ideas grounded in business acumen and proven best practices
  • A nimble work style that shifts from big picture strategies to managing fine details
  • An innate ability to quickly learn the drivers, needs and challenges of diverse sectors